Fun Wheel Chalenge

To join the fun, you have to connect to the 'PierGames' Wi-Fi network in the World of Color viewing area prior to the show.

Check the Entertainment Times Guide for the next show.


Let's Play

Enjoy this color-matching memory game with Mickey's Fun Wheel before the World of Color show at Disney California Adventure Park.

It's Easy

When you're near Mickey's Fun Wheel, join the 'PierGames' Wi-Fi network to play. No need to download an app—you can play the game right in your browser.

Match the Colors and Win

Match the sequence of colors you see on Mickey's Fun Wheel by tapping the colors on your screen.

Control the Lights

If you win, you can control the lights on Mickey's Fun Wheel!


It looks like you're not connected to the 'PierGames' Wi-Fi network. Please make sure you are connected to the 'PierGames' Wi-Fi network and try again.